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About us

Principal Axis is a privately held company that build web & mobile applications. Principal Axis has won international acclaim such as the Adobe MAX 2011 Honorable Mention for the design & technical sophistaction of its application-- hooeey webprint.
App Me In, a new & innovative offering from Principal Axis is now offering mobile app building, publishing & managing services for business verticals such as hospitality & food, health & lifestyle, consumer br&s, leisure & travel & retail.

App Me In Marketer


What is Automapic?

Automapic is a simple smartphone app that allows business managers to easily track their mobile workforce.

How does Automapic works?

Your team members install a simple app from AutoMapic on their smartphones that allows them to send you real time location & meeting status updates with clients. All this information from each member of your sales team can be viewed conveniently on a dashboard from any web browser or a dedicated iPad app.

Why does your organisation need Automapic?

If you manage a field sales team, AutoMapic helps you obtain updates from the your team on the status of the calls & meetings that have just concluded. You will no longer have to wait till the end of the day, or the next day, to get an update on how a particular call or meeting went.
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App Me In can build custom enterprise web/mobile applications

  • Mobile application devolopment & publishing arm of Principal Axis
  • Adobe's InMarket partner.
  • Only Indian tech company to be recognized for exellence at Adobe Max 2011, Los Angeles
  • Expertise in cutting-edge Web, FLEX, AIR & PhoneGap technologies
  • Adobe's InMarket partner
  • Recognized for Innovation & disruptive design
  • Built using best of breed in mobile application research development
  • Customer support and customer oriented design are App Me In's core strengths
  • Rapid app prototyping and development for quick implementation.


"... We provide financial solutions to leading insurers in Asia and as the tech landscape evolves, we find mobile and tablet platforms playing a very important role. Providing solutions on these platforms means that we have to work with a team that "gets" enterprise mobile. AppMeIn's team has shown keen focus on user-centric design coupled with good user experience and has provided innovative approaches to enterprise financial solution apps. We will look to them for future engagements..."
- Romil Turakhia.
Global Head of Sales and Marketing | AWPL formerly Automated Workflow

Some custom work done :

  • IOS sales app for hospitality chain.
  • Creating an IOS front-end for a high-end CRM solution provider.
  • Android workflow app for trade associations.
  • Tablet customer acquisition app for Insurance industry.

Escape App

What is Escape ?

Escape application lets you escape from a meeting or any other situation. It just displays a call screen along with a sound which is similar to a phone call on the device, you just need to open the app set the interval (default 5 secs) for the fake call screen to appear then shake the device and wait for the call screen to appear.

Features of Escape:

  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Just open the app and shake it to activate.
  • Select time interval from the preset list.
  • Useful from exiting from a sticky situation or a boring meeting.

Coming soon on : 

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